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Gozobee is a rapidly evolving leader in technology, engineering, consultancy, and skill development services. We envision to empower people, enrich the society, and transform the business through innovation and continuous evolution. We always strive to connect people and technology across the planet to actualize customer's dreams. We are meticulously focused to deliver exceptional quality services, ensure customer fulfilment, and take our customers on a journey towards digital transformation.

Value System

Integrity is our heartbeat!

We always standup for what we believe in - being honest, trustworthy, transparent, and reliable among our colleagues and customers.

Mutual Respect to be effective and expressive!

We respect the ideas and uniqueness of every person regardless of any factor and appreciate respect in reciprocation.

Synergy a pool for diversity and inclusion!

We strongly believe synergizing is a powerful way to bring in diverse voices and ideas to foster a sustainable future with continuous innovation

Openness to demonstrate excellent relationship!

We champion openness/assertiveness as a valuable characteristic, to put across one’s viewpoint in a precise, composed, and constructive way without being offensive for a positive and concrete output.

Mastery Time is money!

We advocate for continuous learning, sharing of knowledge and retrospectives. With these we strive for continuous evolution.

Autonomous that’s what we are!

We value our people’s ability to exude their own ideas, possibilities, solutions, and drive towards agreement with minimum overhead.

Revival as we care!

Well-being of all people and imbibing the sense of accomplishment in every individual is our top priority.

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Digital Transformation

We are here to facilitate process, management, mindset and cultural evolvement and establishment

Agile - (Scrum); SAFe, DevOps, Process Management, Organizational Restructure

Skill Development

We are pioneers in this field, we are committed to enrich skills of students & professionals across horizons

Soft-skills, Business & Technical training (included courses offered)

Digital Engineering

We adopt digital technology and solutions to enable business values, Customers needs & innovation.

Software Development & Services, Network & management Solutions, Pen testing & data Security Solution,Web Site Development & Hosting Management


We have widened our horizon in the services sector, and we have started outsourcing resources for other companies.

We also act as a liaison between two companies to present new projects


We are committed to enhance & empower students, technically & professionally, as an act of extending services to build a better society

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"College is important, but I'm getting this experience, and this experience is kind of jovial learning. At the same time, I got knowledge about what I learn. I go to College to get more book knowledge and technical knowledge, but I'm excited to get out and learn what the real world is like and what real business is like and what their communication processes are. I can honestly say I have learned something new every day as an intern and I am happy with the direction I am headed towards in my life. After this I have a clear vision of where I see myself and what I want from my career. Interning through GozoBee has helped me get to this place. With my future, the sky truly is the limit."

Vinith R

Gobi Arts & Science College | B.sc(Computer Science) Internship @: GozoBee

"My internship experience at GozoBee site during my time off at Gobi Arts & Science College has given me invaluable technical and communication skills. I've applied a lot of the knowledge that I learned in school, and learned advanced skills from fellow interns, co-workers, mentors, and even managers. I believe my internship will give me an advantage when I apply for full-time jobs after I graduate this May. Internships prove to employers that as a person I am capable of working with people as a team."

Tharun Prasath VK

Gobi Arts & Science College | B.sc(Computer Science) Internship @: GozoBee

Check Out What all Courses offered in our Package

Python Full Stack Web Development

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • SQL Server/ MySQL Basics
  • DJango

.NET Full Stack Course

  • C#
  • SQL Server Basics
  • EF Core
  • Asp.Net Core MVC
  • Asp.Net Core Web API

Individual Courses

  • Python Beginners
  • Python Advanced
  • Java Beginners
  • Java Advanced
  • HTML5 & CSS

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